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Firestick can’t connect to wifi

Tuning in

I reset my firestick to factory as it kept saying network error. No internet. I restarted my hub. Did a speed test. All ok but still when o enter my password for my wifi the firestick gets a connection timed out error



WPA2-Personal is the correct setting for your Hub, this is the same as WPA2-PSK.

WPA-WPA2-Personal includes the first version of WPA this mode is best avoided as it will cause issues with current Apple kit.

I checked all those settings even tried to change the name of my network and password. Moved the firestick to HDMI 1. When I try to connect it sees the firestick no problem. Says the network had great strength but when I try to connect it takes ages then just says connection timed out. What to do?!

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Is your firestick powered by usb from the TV? If so try powering it via the mains.

Have you tried the firestick in a different TV?

Check that you haven't accidently paused the firestick using the Connect app or hub   

Are you using the firestick's hdmi extender? If not then try connecting it as it helps cut out interference.

 Have you got the correct timezone and time set up on your firestick?  If not that can prevent you getting an internet connection (you can get the same problem on TV sets, and also on X96 boxes (the ones that run kodi and other dodgy apps)).

Check under Settings > Preferences > Time Zone > Time Zone - if it's wrong click on Time Zone again, then on the next screen select a region (Europe > British Summertime)

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