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Faulty HDU-200 ?


someone has just finsihed resolving my account details and now this happens.... arrrgghh.

A while ago I was getting low signal coming into my house, so an engineer fitted a HDU-200 amplifier.  The signal is split outside the house, one signal goes round the back of the house to connect to a STB. The other comes into the front room and connects to the HDU-200, which then connects to a STB and a Superhub2.

Thus afternoon I turned off the power supply and now when I turn it back on the amp makes a very loud buzzing sound (sounds like a relay clicking on and off). I've tried turning it on and off a few times but it looks like its gone faulty. Luckely, I have two STB and a modem, so I am now without one STB. Would someone be able to suggest if there's a way of resetting these amps? Or could I have a new one sent in the post to fit, thanks Eileen

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