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F3896LG-VMB and Unify Security Gateway

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I want to use a Unify Security Gateway (i.e Firewall) behind my Virgin F3896LG-VMB. I think this means I want to use the Virgin gateway as a modem and supply the external IP address to my USG. Can anyone explain how I get the External IP address to my USG instead of the F3896LG-VMB? Thanks!


Alessandro Volta

Your IP will be Dynamic if you have a static IP you will need to use the router mode with rfc1918 IP's and if you have a 5 IP subnet you will need to use router mode with a firewall in bridge mode

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You've probably resolved this already but what you need to do is put the HUB 5 into modem mode (also applies to the previous hubs). You can then use one of the ports (if you have 2.5G port, e.g. Dream Machine Pro SE or Dream Machine Pro with SFP to RJ45 - my setup) then you'll want to use Port 4 (with the 2.5G label).