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Extending WIFI range....

Hi All

I have searched the forum for an answer to my dilemma but have come up blank.

We have a superhub and an old (Virgin supplied) net gear router and a new build 70mts away. I have run some cat 5e cable and plugged the router in. My laptop finds it but I can't log in. I have reset the router so the password should be password but it is still not playing. 

Web Instructions have said I should be able to enter a name (admin) as well but I'm not seeing this option.

Anyone got any ideas? Failing that...any suggestions as to the best signal extender to plug into ?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Extending WIFI range....

Have you got the 5e ethernet cable plugged into the Superhub (which one is it) or into whatever this netgear gizmo is (what is it exactly)?

It should be plugged into one of the VM Hub's ethernet ports and then out to the newbuild and directily into the laptop - or into an unmanaged ethernet switch - to get more connections or a wireless access point for both wifi and ethernet


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