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Ethernet ports

Hi. Newbie here. I have the new 3.0 HUB and my Tivo box connected into port 1. I’ve done a few speed tests via my laptop from port 3 and was getting the right speed for vivid 350. However I’ve noticed that the last few days doing the speed test, the speed from port 3 have halved to around 180 mbs. Virgin over the phone do a few tests, ask for me to transfer that connection to port 1 and hey presto back to full speed. I then transfer back to port 3 and also at full speed again after my TiVo back in port 1. 

Is there some splitting of speed going on between ports?


hope all that makes sense. 



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Re: Ethernet ports

Hi Matty80, 


Thanks for getting back in touch, I am sorry to see you have had trouble with your speeds.


Are you connecting any other devices at the same time or is it only the one device which is connected?


Do you find the connection itself is affected if you use the different port? 


Keep us posted. 





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