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Ethernet port is faulty

Joining in

I am now writing this post is because the hub 3.0 I received was used, I could easily tell by looking at the dusty ethernet port. I did some research so I know the wireless performance of the router is poor, which I bought an asus wifi 6 router from amazon to avoid the constant wifi drops, then I realised the ethernet ports are all faulty after I switch the router to modem only mode, this is extremely annoying and I want a replaced router ! 


Alessandro Volta

Are the ethernet working in router mode? if so they are not faulty modem mode does not make them faulty so change to modem mode wait a bit power off hub for 2mins turn on router connected WAN port to hub wait a bit then turn on hub after about 5min it should be working or unplug replug Ethernet to trigger DHCP.

What asus router did you get?

Have you test the Ethernet cables?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person
Did you connect it in this sequence...

Switch on and set up your own router (in its settings) with the WAN port set to be in Automatic IP i.e. DHCP (& Nat) mode, it may be pre-set that way anyway. Then, disconnect all cables from your new router (or Mesh first unit) and switch it off and unplug it.

Then, put the VM Hub into modem mode
( )
and leave 5 mins.

Once it’s in modem mode, the VM hub “MUST” then be powered off. Switch your router on and make sure it’s fully initialised (leave 5 min) and then put in the ethernet cable from its WAN port to the VM hub (any port will do).

NOW… power up the VM hub and wait 5-10 minutes for The Hub to initialise and and you should get a connection. Use the recommended App to connect any other Mesh units to the first one. This order only needs to be done the first time you connect the router to the VM hub. You might also set the SSID and key/password on the new router/Mesh to match that on the HUB so when you swap over, all your wireless devices should just connect automatically.


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