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Engineer - New Cable Needed

When the engineer installed by Hub 3, he informed me that the signal transmitted by the cable – this is the cable which runs into my house from the green box at the side of the road – was weak and intermittent. He informed me that virgin media would put down a new cable by running it through the existing channels. He went on to say that the work had been authorised by his manager and that the work was booked in for a given date. He further informed me that he would phone me to either confirm that date or to arrange an earlier date. 

1. Nobody has turned up to lay a new cable.
2. Nobody has contacted me.
3. My wifi is unreliable and yet virgin media are billing me in full!!

I have spent several hours on the phone to virgin media. Each time, having waiting on hold for ages, I am told by the person that either they cannot help, or they don't know what to do or that they will transfer me, but then the call ends. Very frustrating.

I really need speak to a human being to sort out this relatively simply problem - a new cable just needs to be run through a pipe for 20m or so. Would anyone be able to advise?

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