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Eero lost off network

Joining in

I have an eero network setup with 4 eero units. Attached to virgin router by Ethernet cable all working well until one of the units disappeared off the network. I have tried to reconnect it but it fails when it tries to register again. I’ve done a hard reset of the unit but still no joy. Have contacted eero who have said I need to contact my isp. Any thoughts anyone?


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Are the other 3 eero working fine? 

Is it the main eero unit?

The other 3 are fine. It isn’t the main router so I still have internet access

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Then ignore eero, the issue Is not with ISP. 

After resetting the eero are you trying to reconnect from its final location? Sometimes you can have issues on setup of it's not in the direct vicinity of the main hub 

I have moved it to the same room as the main hub and still not working. Blue light flashes and it goes through setup but then fails at the registering button and just says there’s an issue but not what it is

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I don't know how old it is but the issue is definitely the eero and if it's in warranty I'd be pushing them to replace it. 

Hi @oxford006 thanks for posting and welcome to our community.

Regrettably, we cannot add anything to what Luke9 has already advised.  This is because your issue is related to 3rd party equipment, sorry.  We do have a partner team called Gadget Rescue who do help with 3rd party equipment. They're a chargeable service.  You can find all details here.