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So back in May my partner and I signed to rent a flat in East London - with the move-in date of July 1st. 

The first thing I did was register for Virgin Internet, knowing I had around 6 weeks as a cushion. Along came the 24th June, I got a message saying that the engineers were outside and ready to begin work, they just needed me to confirm. 

Two days later I miss a call from Virgin. I phone up and no one knows why, but after being passed through half the team, someone discovers the external works weren't completed. I would've been told via email but my email address had been taken down wrong. 

New installation date... 24th August. 

Despite my best efforts - hours of calls with what is possibly the worst customer service team on the planet, I only came out of this with a Dongle (200GB).

Throughout July I phone up at least once a week, hoping that external works may be brought forward. We're average 5/6GB a day on the Dongle, both working from home.

On Friday 16th customer service tell me there's a note on my account. The engineers are coming on the Monday 19th July and the work will be complete. Scenes. 

On Monday 19th I watch out of my window a van parks outside. They don't leave the van and drive away around 20 minutes later. A few hours following this, I get a text to say the external works are once again delayed.

If I haven't lost my head already, it's certainly gone now. The Dongle is running down and the engineers are straight up chilling. Two days later the van returns. One of the guys gets out and goes to open the boot, then returns to his seat and drives away.

Today (3rd August) I decide to do my weekly check in and the lad on the phone says he can bring external works forward to the 5th. Then he can't. He also can't give me more data on the Dongle (which only has 20GB left until the 24th Aug).

After an hour, most of which is spent on hold, he passes me to a colleague. She moves the external works forward to the 8th! Success? I won't hold my breath. Meanwhile I ask her about the extra data. She promises to pass me to her colleague, but disconnects the call. 90 minutes later, pain.

- Has anyone else experienced similar with the customer service team? 

- Are external works normally this badly delayed? 

- Why is Virgin's communication so, so bad?



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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Hi samstringer94


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. 


I'm really sorry to hear of the install delay. Normally installs do take place on the agreed date, however on occasion, extra works are needed to be carried out before the install can take place. We do get this work sorted as fast as we can to ensure we get the install completed asap, to minimise disruption and the inconvienience caused. 


We wouldn't normally be able to bring this date forward if it's construction work sadly, this is because we'll need to wait for the work to be done and then can do the install. 


I can see you've spoke to the team today about this as well and also the dongle data adjustment. It's not something we can add here. For further discussion about the adjustment, please call the pre-install team on 0800 052 1734 and they can assist further.


Apologies again for the delay in installing, 



Forum Team

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