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I'm new to VM and I'm having a problem with some websites 😞

When using Chrome I sometimes get ERR_SSL_BAD_RECORD_MAC_ALERT. This is particularly bad on ebay. After a few seconds the page will load correctly.  A similar problem exists with other browsers although the error message is different.

This causes a big problem on the checkout page as when I select the method of payment the page reloads and I have to start again.

My PC is connected to the HUB3 via ethernet and speeds/ping etc are as expected. If I connect via wifi the problem goes away (but much slower speeds).

I didn't have this problem with my previous provider and I've tried my PC on another provider at a mates and all works fine so I don't think it's a PC issue.

Can anyone help please ?





We have a Hub 3 in Router mode we don't see this issue in eBay.

It might be worth looking in the Virgin Media online account at the Web Safe settings.

We have Child Safe set to Disabled  &  Virus Safe set to Enabled.

Thanks for your reply.

I have Child Safe and Virus Safe both disabled.

Thanks but I've tried everything on and various other sites too 😞

It's not just Chrome which has problems, Firefox and Edge also have problems on the same sites.

It's weird that switching to wifi fixes the problem and connecting the same pc to another isp (using ethernet) also works fine

Have you tested that Child Safe is not only set to Off but is Off ?

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Is the PC's network adaptor using the DHCP automatic settings for IP and for DNS ?

Quite sure there is not a security package or safe browsing software affecting the network adaptor ?

Failing all of that Boot the PC into Safe Mode + Networking and retry the network connection to see if the issue persists.

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Kinder Garden Cop strikes again !

Thanks for reply, making some progress I think...

Network set to DHCP for IP and DNS

I can view both of the sites you linked (before one got removed)

Rebooted into safe mode and it appears to work OK.

Reboot back to normal mode and it has intermittent  issues again.

I've no safe browsing software. Not sure about security package or how I'd know ?

Thanks for your help so far.

Good to have excluded Child Safe & to know the PC is OK in bare bones for.

Programs that perform HTTPS packet inspection were implicated in the ERR_SSL_BAD_RECORD_MAC_ALERT error.

Does the PC have an Antivirus Suite on it, something more than Windows Defender and Windows Firewall.

It only has Windows Defender/Firewall. I tried disabling the firewall briefly but that had no effect.

Chrome had Malwarebytes browser extension installed but I also tried disabling that.

I assume it must be something specific to the ethernet driver otherwise I'd also have problems when connected via wifi ?

That would be logical.