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Dual or single band router

I have a super hub VMDG480 which I thought was dual band but I've just spoken to Virgin who say it is single (2.4 ghz). Can anyone confirm or deny please, I'm having problems with a wireless music system ( music being cut short ) and I wondered if It was switching between two bands.

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Re: Dual or single band router

In theory the SH1 is dual band, but it can only transmit on one band at a time. The Hub 2s and Hub 3 can transmit on both bands simultaneously

Wireless dropouts are a common problem and are usually caused by wireless interference.

The SH1 is obsolete now and has never been reknown for it's wireless performance.and is so underpowered it cannot cope with making a large amount of power adjustments the same time, so mariginal power levels are can cause wreless problems

Wireless reception is affected by many factors like Range, Client hardware, the Topograpy of your home, and the big killer, Wireless interference.

First of all, I would ensure the Hub is placed in a central, open position, away from obstacles and electrical devices.

You could try changing the wireless channel manually. Downloading a wireless scanner like InSSIDer for Windows or WiFiAnalyser for Android would help by showing you the surrounding wireless networks, the channels they are broadcasting on, and their signal strengths, so you can select the best wireless channel.
Bear in mind that the wifi scanner will not show interference from other sources of wireless interference such as A\V streaming devices, Baby monitors, Chordless phones, Microwave ovens, Plasma TVs, Security systems, etc.

Setting the Hub's radio setting to 300Mbps (or 40Mhz channel) is not advised on the 2.4GHz band as it takes up over half of the available spectrum, making it prone to wireless interference..

Using the wider, usually less congested 5Ghz band could help, if your client devices support it.

It might be worth giving VM a ring and use the thinking of leaving us option to talk to Retentions, explaining your wireless woes, and see if you can upgrade your hub without being tied into a new contract. I would be aware the new Hub 3 still has a few problems like latency spikes which could affect online gaming but will be required if you are planning to upgrade above 100Mbps in the future.

A dececent third party router would give a better overall wireless coverage than the SH1 but may not completely solve your problems depending on your wireless envroment. I will be well worth optimising tour wireless signal first as I described above.



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Re: Dual or single band router

If the wireless is going on the SH1 you can ask for a hub 3 but that may cost you or stick the SH1 in modem mode and get your own wireless router.