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Dropouts for wifi and ethernet.

Joining in

I'm here because I get no resolution from phoning 150. I got a hub 4 in August 2021 with an 18 month package. Treated myself to a 16 way gigabit network switch, upgrading from my previous. Everything worked fine until a few months ago. Getting multiple dropouts on wifi and ethernet. I have cat 6 cable running from hub 4 to virgin 360 box. Got a hub 5 to try and solve problem. Still the same.

My observations are though;

1) with no ethernet cables plugged into the hub 5, it works great. instant connections and 5ghz wireless connection on tv boxes.

2) with just nas drive ethernet attached, it works great too.

3) with nas drive and tp-link garden extender ethernet attached, some dropouts.

4) with one ethernet cable attached to 16 way gigabit switch, many more dropouts.

5) with one for nas drive, one for gigabit switch and one for virgin 360 box, unusable service.

So, the hub 4 and hub 5 don't really like the lan ports in the back of the router being used.

Is it the upgraded software? it worked ok for a few months.

Software version LG-RDK-4.6.24-2206.7 on hub 5 ( wonder if was the same on the hub 4?)




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @Vintz 


Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums.


I am so sorry to hear that you are facing issues with your connection and we will be happy to take a look and assist from here.


Can I just confirm, do you have a third party router attached at all and is the Hub in router or modem mode?


No third party router. That was purchased and returned in the allowed period. I tried using hub 4 in modem mode, but the problems persisted.

I had hub 5 running all day yesterday without any attached Ethernet cables in lan ports. Worked perfectly. No dropouts.

This morning plugged in nas drive and within minutes, lost wifi connection.

That is just one lan port. This is a major problem for me now.

I am thinking it must be a software issue.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey Vintz, thanks for your reply back and sorry to see the drop out issue has been ongoing when using an ethernet connection.

We'd love to help, as a trouble shooting step could you please access your hub settings page and make sure your Channel optimisation option is set to 'on' when going to: 
advanced settings> network> wireless> wireless frequency? (if it's on, please switch to off and back to on again, then click on 'apply changes' to save)
This will cause some improvements which may lead to restoring the issue with drop outs (regardless if on wired or wireless).

Also, have you tried a pin-hole reset as seen here and if so did this help with the connection issue at all?
Let us know more and we're happy to help you.

Forum Team

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