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Dropouts and unable to route to work vpn

Joining in

A few times each day my internet just stops.

Some diagnostics shows that it is resolving the DNS request but then can't route to it.

I am using a wired connection to the superhub3 to avoid any WiFi issues.

Speeds seem reasonable when it works but the dropouts are taxing my patience.

My usual solution is to tether my Vodafone so glad I didn't take the 02 phone as the WiFi dongle that VM supplied while we waited for our install was very slow.

Would love to speak with someone technical from VM.

I am at the point of pursuing them for breach of contract.


Never had this issue with sky ,even BT were better at fixing things



Can you switch your computer to use Google DNS & ?

This is so as to be quite sure the Child Safe / Virus Safe filters of the default VM DNS are not blocking your VPN.

Already tried that, they have an intermittent routing issue , I can see the lost packets when going from elsewhere to my CPE as well as from my CPE.

The VPN is working fine and diagnostics on that show the route is being interrupted and a reroute is failing . 

I just want VM to look into this , so far the tech has tested the local end and nothing wrong as expected .They need to look at the core from renfrew2a 

Hi @masleeve thanks for getting back to us.

Sorry to hear you're having issues with drop outs.  And for any inconvenience this may be causing. Can you please advise if this is only impacting your work VPN?




"I can see the lost packets when going from elsewhere to my CPE as well as from my CPE."

So the issue be understood, it would be helpful to share the packet loss report.

The drop outs affect all connections , the VPN shows it better as I am using it most .

I have been logging and using think broadband to and my dynamic DNS to keep an eye on it.

Not uncommon to find a hub reboot is required in the mornings .

The other noticeable effect is streaming stops , and the Alexa's complain.


Hi @masleeve 

Are you please able to share the live line to your BQM on think broadband please so we can support and investigate this further? 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent