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Download speed

Tuning in

What's going on?

I have the 500Mbps service Ha! Ha!

Currently getting 15Mbps. Yesterday it was around 200Mbps. A couple of days ago it was over 500

It's up and down like a yo-yo. Virgin get your act together before I look elsewhere.

I was told back in June they my upload speed would be boosted to 52Mbps, I have never seen over 42.

I am running Windows 11 with all the latest updates and have a direct cat 6 cable connection to the hub

Will I be getting a refund?



Community elder

What does this site show?

You don't get 'refunds' for partial service outages.

Post the Hub stats from all tabs here:

And create a BQM here, and post the live link.

Thanks for your reply. However the problem has now been solved, a Virgin technician has installed a new hub for me and I am back up to speed.