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Does modem mode work or not ? Hub 3

So I’m using the super hub 2ac at the moment and I would like to see if I can get a faster speed as you can only get the 200megs with that. So I purchase a new router. Now this all works fine with the 2acin  modem only mode but from reading bits in this forum sounds like people can’t get the modem only mode to work on the super hub 3.0 is this right or have they fixed it. Feels like virgin have been taking the **bleep** out of its customers with the **bleep**ty super hub 3.0 you would think by now it would have been replaced. 


On well 🙁

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Re: Does modem mode work or not ? Hub 3

Hub 3 worked in modem mode for me. However I found it’s better to use a switch connected to the Hub 3 by a single wire (cat 7) then use a wireless access point for the WiFi signal. It’s a very stable network for me and you can move the WAP to the middle of your house using a powerline or ethernet cable.