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Does anyone get us channel changed all the time in the error logs on the hub5?

Fibre optic

Hi virgin 

Again im not convinced the upstream channels are not working right saw all channels drop to 32 QAM and come on to check today loads of t3 errors and again to noise has hit the downstream to when this happened.

and last night on the pc internet brower kept freezing and not responding to after the t3 error working ok

also why is the upstream channel always changing in the erorr logs?

Channel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) Symbol Rate (ksps) Modulation Channel ID
04960000043.85120QAM 641
143100000435120QAM 642
23660000042.85120QAM 643
33010000042.85120QAM 644
42360000041.85120QAM 645

Upstream bonded channels

Channel Channel Type T1 Timeouts T2 Timeouts T3 Timeouts T4 Timeouts


Channel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) SNR (dB) Modulation Channel ID
13310000005.640QAM 25625
21390000006.339QAM 2561
31470000006.239QAM 2562
41550000006.239QAM 2563
51630000006.239QAM 2564
61710000005.840QAM 2565
71790000005.440QAM 2566
81870000005.340QAM 2567
91950000005.340QAM 2568
102030000005.140QAM 2569
112110000005.240QAM 25610
12219000000539QAM 25611
13227000000540QAM 25612
142350000004.940QAM 25613
152430000004.740QAM 25614
162510000004.440QAM 25615
172590000004.440QAM 25616
182670000004.840QAM 25617
192750000005.140QAM 25618
202830000005.340QAM 25619
212910000005.640QAM 25620
222990000005.840QAM 25621
233070000005.940QAM 25622
243150000005.940QAM 25623
253230000005.840QAM 25624
263390000005.740QAM 25626
273470000005.640QAM 25627
283550000005.540QAM 25628
293630000005.440QAM 25629
303710000004.940QAM 25630
313790000004.740QAM 25631

Downstream bonded channels

Channel Locked Status RxMER (dB) Pre RS Errors Post RS Errors




125 REPLIES 125

Alessandro Volta

Is your BQM to the right IP?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

As you already can see, the PostRS errors are indicative of a poor circuit.  This is perhaps why the US profiles are jumping around to cope?

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Hey Guys

Legacy1 yes its the right IP.

Adduxi i have told vm many times that something not right been going on for years here with the partial error service using the hub3 but vm say nothing wrong clearly they still is! used to drop out the connection years back vm said they couldnt see it happen then got hub3 it did that for a but then stopped then i get the partial error on the hub3 with a red line down my graph internet didnt drop like b4 but if online it would lag and also get a bit of noise on the downstream when it hit the line with the partial error message clearly something fault on the circuit but vm network guys are poor and cant do their jobs right here. I had them out many times they checked all my cables put new spliters on for the freq on them even thou the stuff wasnt that old cos everything was new when moved in here in 2014. So vm need to get the networks and work for the money they are on to find this problem

Alessandro Volta

I would guess the problem is so slight the thing that need replacing is costly. Have you had new cables done outside to the cabinet? 


Hi  all that was new when i moved in the house they didnt have vm here b4 i moved in.

well clearly the upstream needs sorting.

Fibre optic

We are suffering idetical problems, 

  BQM says we are having drop outs, 

    hub is swamped with changing  channels every minute,

Virgins response is that as I have my own Ethernet switch I need to be on a business account, I need to put hub in modem mode, and I need to pay for my own hardware firewall, as the hub and domestic account can  not cope with users switches.



Alessandro Volta

@andrewmm wrote:

Virgins response is that as I have my own Ethernet switch I need to be on a business account, I need to put hub in modem mode, and I need to pay for my own hardware firewall, as the hub and domestic account can  not cope with users switches.


Like which is it? Sounds like VM don't want to fix problem🤑 listed Timeouts in the hub have nothing to do with user kit


Ah now what you do have to realise is that the ‘help centre’ staff are not in any way ‘technical’. They are generic call centre workers who are employed entirely on their ability to read from a set of pre-scripted responses on the screen in front of them. I’d be ever so slightly surprised to find that a majority of them even know what an Ethernet switch is!

But, there is a considerable degree of evidence as reported by people on here that if in doubt, these staff simply make something up, ie lie, as long as it gets you off the phone and they can chalk up another ‘successfully closed call’. Ultimately that’s all their bosses are bothered about, because that is the metric on which they get paid by VM for running a ‘customer service provision’!*

The statement about switches on a domestic account, is, of course as you already suspect, complete rubbish! If the hub is changing channels constantly, then that is an issue further upstream. However you have experience the normal VM customer service provision which can be summed up as ‘if in doubt and what the customer is saying isn’t included on my predefined menu on the screen - then just lie’.

* we should probably use ‘customer service’ in it’s loosest possible defnition!

If in doubt , first line seems to be to say do a reset , then a pin hole reset to factory , then take a day off work to get a "tech" to come and look. 

The tech normal response is , to add attenuator , take off attenuator , re make cable crimps , replace hub , or if on doubt it's a know issue in your area that will be fixed in X days , where X is a random number that's not fixed