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I have recently applied for a house through a letting agency and have pre ordered one of your premium bundles to be self installed on the 31st August however the WiFi that is already in the house has been cut off and we aren’t sure why as I don’t get the new WiFi box until the 31st August.


Even though I have pre ordered the bundle I have no account log in details with you guys and have no idea how to sort this issue out


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Bradleyfox09 👋

Thanks for posting, and a warm welcome to the Community Forums.

I'm very sorry to hear the current tenants at the address you're moving into have been disconnected. Unfortunately, we're limited on the support we can provide, as the disconnected account wouldn't be in your name. Our teams would usually set the disconnection date for the current tenants to around 24 hours before your services are due to be installed unless requested otherwise, or the current Account Holder has not responded to our communications.

It'd be best for the current Account Holder at the address to get in touch with us, to look into what has happened. They can contact us on 📞 0345 454 1111. 


Reece - Forum Team

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

"the WiFi that is already in the house has been cut off and we aren’t sure why" was the previous broadband connection VM? If so how do you know it’s been cutoff? If it was not VM then it doesn’t matter as VM use their own infrastructure not OpenReaches.

You will only have been sent a QuickStart pack if the premises previously had VM. The box and cables may have been removed by the previous occupiers. There should be an omnibox, often brown or gray, on the outside of the premises, try tracing the cable/s from it. If no luck call the pre-installs team on 0800 052 1734 8AM- 9PM Monday - Friday or 8AM-6PM Saturday and Sunday


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