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Disabled father - no internet or TV

Got virgin ‘superfast’ fibre installed last year and had nothing but problems and no way to rectify them either.  Broadband didn’t reach my disabled fathers annex in the garden so invested in a booster which was installed by an engineer.  Booster was faulty red light constantly after all troubleshooting,  after numerous calls they sent a new booster and I PAID for an engineer AGAIN to come out and I wanted it hard wired. 

When they came out the engineer said they don’t hard wire and connected the booster by Ethernet to dad TV after pairing with the main one.

Since having the booster my son is still screaming ‘I’m lagging!!!!’ from upstairs in his bedroom playing Xbox and my dad constantly calls to say his internet won’t work and he can’t get Netflix.  My father is destitute without internet.  I have made several more calls to be given conflicting information and on asking to escalate was told they couldn’t.  I then managed to get one helpful or seemed helpful chap who said he’d arrange a call back within 48 hours.  A week later still nothing.

The service of the system and customer service have both been abysmal.  I’m extremely disappointed.  

Does anyone even care?  I won’t be staying with virgin if not sorted ASAP you have given me more than a migraine. 

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Re: Disabled father - no internet or TV

Hi Zoe - at least you are in the right place now for help and support - most of us here are not VM employees but they do comment on each thread after a week or so.  It sounds like you have 2 basic issues - internet for the annex and  better gaming for your lad in his room - so how can you sort  that.

1) Annex.  You tried boosters and they didn't work - I suspect that's because the power supply to it is on an "extension lead" or not on a circuit in the same consumer unit (many extensions are built that way) - and they dont work when thats the case. So as you identified the best way to do this is to get good quality exterior (to protect from UV light and weather) Cat6a ethernet cable from the Hub to the annex and also that VM dont offer that service.  So it's DIY or get a handyman or networking company to do this for you.  It really shouldnt be too hard.  First identify the best route for the cable to run internally and externally and source the right amout of suitable cable - Amazon or ebay are good - or a networking company will provide their own.  It will involve drilling a hole to the outside through the wall or window frame or whatever these are then sealed with motar and/or silicone.  Decide if you want cable with the ends already attached (easiest) which will require  bigger hole - or a smaller hole for the cable itself and have someone fit the ends afterwards.Then the cable can be routed clipped to exterior walls, fences or buried (best in a protective plastic conduit) to the annex.  Once inside there, plug it into a 4/6 port (powered) ethernet switch.  Then run short internal Cat6a cables to the smart tv, a PC and say a wifi access point to broadcast wifi to the annex as well.  That should sort that.

2) Bedroom.  TBH the best solution is to just replicate the above to the bedroom - would be easier doing the two jobs simultaneously.  Alternatively as its more likely that the bedroom circuit and the Hub circuit are linked via the consumer unit then "powerline adapters" should be fine.  My lad uses these in his room for his gaming PC and xbox and hasnt complained once in 2 years.  See the link for an explanation/recommendations - I would recommend getting >1000, + passthrough, dual port and the wireless adapter would give him wifi too - or a cheaper wifi access point (like the annex) can be connected to one of the ports.

EDIT:  Should also have added there are also other ways to improve the wifi within the house with a few tweaks of Hub3 or by putting it into modem mode and connecting up your own much superior wifi router

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Re: Disabled father - no internet or TV

Hi ZoeCoventry, 

Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's great having you on board with us in the Community. 

I'm sorry to hear about your issues. 

Checking the account, the broadband stats are all good. There is nothing wrong with the power levels or anything so there isn't really much more we can do. 

Wifi has limitations and whilst extenders help, there will always have to be a compromise. You're only able to have 1 Virgin Media connection at each residential address so there isn't really anything we can do unless the Annex has it's own address registered with the Royal Mail. If it does. let us know and we can look at installing an account there. 



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