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Devices dropping

Hi there.

After much excitement getting rid of my slow Sky broadband, I’ve had Virgin 350Mb since last week but many of my devices (that never had a problem staying connected with Sky) now keep dropping.

I’ve ordered Plume Mesh in the hope it’ll extend the range but is there anything else I can do?


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Very Insightful Person
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Re: Devices dropping

Well, I'd suggest you first attend to the vast and imminent damage to your wallet from Plume.  A subscription model for a mesh wifi system?  What were you thinking?  The costs for a comparable system bought outright from a respected hardware maker will be the same as your year 1 subscription.  After that they're making £££ out of you, and you're not even getting Wifi 6 for this well padded annual fee, just the adequate 802.11ac.

Even a low to mid range mesh like my TP-Link Deco M4 offers 802.11ac, has a decent control app, parental controls, QoS, and offers excellent performance for £130 for three units (compared to what, £247 a year for three Plume units?).  If you're really flush, you could have bought an absolutely all singing, all dancing Wifi 6 Mesh from Asus, Netgear (even TP-Link) for £250-350.

In the meanwhile, you might want to investigate whether the dropouts are in fact your broadband connection rather than the wireless.  If its the broadband, then no wifi system will improve that, and money on a mesh system may be a waste.  Search out how to post (as formatted text) your hub's status data for Downstream, Upstream, and Network log, and also how to setup a Thinkbroadband Broadband Quality Monitor.

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