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Device only works on 2.4gz

We installed our virgin 3.0 hub on Saturday. This issue I have is that one device will only work if connected to 2.4gz. I know how to split the router by renaming the frequencies however when I do this the rest of the network doesn't work well. The device itself did work when I split the router and turned off smart optimisation though. (I've since merged the band's again and turned smart optimisation back on to restore the network functioning).

I'm wondering if there's a way of restricting this device to 2.4gz but allowing all the others to switch?

To complicate things a little all our devices connect via a mesh network. For ease of setting up the new router my partner renamed the new network to the same as the old so that everything reconnected automatically without having to set each individual device up again. 

Any ideas re next steps? Thanks for any insights. 

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Re: Device only works on 2.4gz

 If the mesh has its own router then turn the Hub to modem mode.

If the mesh doesn't have a router then turn off  the Hub's WiFi.  

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