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Dell Laptop can't see Hub5 ?

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I have two older Lattitude latops. Working ok with Hub 3. When I got Hub4 I needed to jump through hoops to get them to connect, deleting all sorts of network and bluetooth drivers before installing a new (old) set of drivers, but got there. Both also see a number of other networks around me. Both running W11, not yet tried Linux.

Hub5 arrives, one laptop sees it, the other doesn't. They _should_ have the same drivers.
Bought some TPLink USB wifi dongles, installed, still cannot see the Hub 5. 

Pointers/advice welcomed. Happy to post further info if required

Many thanks



This could be caused by the Hub 5 Wi-Fi failing to work on 2.4Ghz

Install a free Wi-Fi Analyser app on your mobile to see if the Hub 5 SSID can be seen on the 2.4Ghz band.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @derek765 thanks for your post here in the Community although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

It does sound like the newer model of the Hub 5 is proving difficult for the older devices to connect to, so it could be something along the lines of what @Client62 has mentioned.

If you can follow their advice and let us know how you get on we can take things from there for you.

Many thanks



I am getting very tempted to suggest that folks try a TP-LINK RE450 / AC1750 Wireless Repeater with the Hub 5 in Router mode where their kit is unable to connect.

From the RE450's front LEDs It would allow us to quickly verify if the the Hub 5 WI-Fi is operating on both 2.4 and 5 Ghz and would repeat the Wi-Fi signal without 802.11ax mode ( "ax" mode is unsupported by older kit ) leaving just the most mature and well supported formats up to 802.11n and 802.11ac.

i've ordered a RE450, should be here tomorrow, will report in then 🙂

Hi @derek765 no problem, please keep us posted!
Many thanks



Notice the RE450 offer AP Mode ( Access Point mode ) as well as Wireless Repeater mode

It can be used as a Wireless Repeater boosting the Hub's range or with a network cable connected from the Hub to the RE450 in AP mode, it can independently offer a new Wi-Fi service.

Both modes are well worth a try to get the Dell laptops connected again.

Connected the AC1750 today & configured as per instructions next to router. both the 5Gb and 2.4Gb were extended. Dell laptop sees & connects to the AC1750 but still can't see the Hub5 even when right next to it.


Hi derek765,

Sorry to hear you're struggling to connect one laptop. This issue is mostly likely caused by the age of the laptop.

It's also possible that the laptop is not compatible with the available wireless security protocols on the Hub 5. I would check with the manufacturer of the laptop to see if it's compatible with the security protocol that your Hub 5 is currently set to. You can view this by going to and entering in your settings password (can be found on the sticker on the Hub).

Let us know