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DHCP Service Constantly Tanking

I have a Hub 3, on the 500Mb service.

Download speeds are fine, as are uploads, no complaints there.

My issue is that, all too frequently the DHCP service on the router completely tanks.  Its mostly noticeable when my Nvidia Shield TV Pro bleats about "IP configuration failed" or one of the smartphones has issues connecting.

I do have a lot of devices connected to the router via a mix of Wi-Fi and Ethernet, including, but not limited to, a Synology NAS, pair of Dell servers, PC, few iPads and various smartphones and smart speakers, but they do not come close to the filling up the DHCP scope (/24) on my router.

I have tried reducing the scope to ~100 addresses, without much success, but being perfectly honest, this was always unlikely to address the issue.

I have carried out resets on the Hub, and while it resolves the issue for a short while, it generally rears its ugly head once again within a matter of a few days, so this is not an acceptable solution.

I'm keen to get this issue resolved as soon as possible, however I do not want to have to call VM to do so. For 2 reasons.  1.  The cost of calling should be covered by VM instead of customers being billed to report issues. and, more importantly, 2.  With the current global health issue, I imagine the queues would be lengthy and ultimately the customer service agent would want me to reset the router again anyway.

In summary.  I believe my router to be suffering a fault, be that solely with the DHCP service, or perhaps it is simply on its last legs.  I'd appreciate it if someone from VM could reach out to discuss the options available to me.

Much appreciated.

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Re: DHCP Service Constantly Tanking

I don't know about the general stability of the dhcp server on the Hub, but if it's just that that's failing, could you switch it off and have your Synology take care of it until you get it resolved? (I'm assuming you have a synology device that can run a dhcp server ofcourse.. :))  The hub is a low-quality device, so it wouldn't surprise me if it had an issue. 

If the Hub is faulty, VM will send a replacement - if you want it quickly, you'll have to call in (if you have a VM phone, you can call them free on 150) or wait here for 5 - 10 days for one of the forum staff members to respond.. 

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