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DDOS help please/protection

I am litterally jumping up and down right now due to the wonderful eastern support call center lady hanging up on me for asking difficult questions. I lost count how many times she put me on hold and mute to get me help but finally it seems she lost her ability to cope.

I have been ddos's last two days on and off and tonight was the worse of each time, 30 mins with no data being able to get through to our pc's at home. Attack is from a free penetration testing site, used lately by many people to upset others online with no recourse most of the time as its not even coming from their pc directly.

I explained on the phone to the lady that I am aware nobody will just change my IP as it wont matter anyhow as simple sniffing tools will just find the new one. And after about 40mins of waiting back and forth being muted and asked to stay on hold, I asked politley what does she think a customer can do to stop this happen, because paying for a service one does not get to use through no fault of their own becomes a real issue.

BEEP, click BrrrrrRRrRRRr goes the line. It is as if she lost all will to help. Shocking behaviour to be honest. If this continues I will just have to try and get the scottish center tomorrow but again tomorrow I believe the net will be periodically down for maintenance anyhow. Such timing for ones nerves eh?

I can't just use modem only as the better half here in doors wants her wifi.....

Solutions? Oh and btw those are solutions that don't cost me anything because lets face it a packet flood through virgin media should be stopped at the entry point not let through, why do virgin media seem to let such attacks through their network? It's like its 1990.

Cheers. I think.

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Re: DDOS help please/protection

I'm very sorry to hear about all of this moosenoodles,


Please follow our online link to assist with Denial Of Service attacks.


Apologies for any inconvenience caused,



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Re: DDOS help please/protection

Whilst not being cost-free, you could connect an external router that has Wi-Fi to your SH3 in modem mode, and that should give you a different IP address, which should help the problem for now.

DDoS attacks are notoriously difficult to detect and block, especially as they can come from so many IP addresses that change regularly. I'm sure VM do have a certain amount of protection on their network, but it's the same principle of spam phone calls, you can put a certain amount of protection in place but some always get through.

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