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Constantly having to reset router

This has been a problem for over a year but we can’t tolerate it any longer. The router just seems to crash on a daily basis and the only way to get it back is to do a reset. Typically this occurs a few minutes after a new device connects. We have both wired and wireless devices. When the router crashes, the devices still show the little WiFi symbol but there is absolutely zero internet available. 

We have made several calls to VM who have replaced the router and sent an engineer out who replaced the cable. The problem persists. 

I have sent up a Broadband Quality Monitor which shows various packet loss events. Please can someone help:
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Re: Constantly having to reset router

Can you post your Hub status and logs?
Someone should be spot if there is a problem
Navigate to (or - if in modem mode)
Don't log in!
Click on 'router status'
Copy/paste the data from each of the tabs. The forum software will remove the MAC addresses for you (you may need to click the 'post' button again).

Hub 3 - Modem Mode - TP-Link Archer C7

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