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Constant orange light on Hub 3, no internet


I've been having some slowness recently with my WiFi connectivity and today the connection died completely.

Checking the hub today, the power light is orange. I've tried the following:

  • Turned it off and on again
  • Confirmed that the wall cables are tightly connected
  • The hub is standing and has space to "breath" and isn't hot to the touch
  • I've tried the pinhole reset twice and still have the same behaviour

From what I can see from other posts, when the light goes orange (a color that's not officially recognised by virgin media), it seems that the answer is a hub replacement. Can this please get attention here as my wife and I are both working from home...

And given your call center number leads through a bunch of options that never connects me with a person, I get the following suggestions:

  • Fault checker: gives an error 606 and suggests I call
  • I call through and get told covid has closed all call centers to go to the fault checker 
  • Tried the virgin media connect app cause supposedly it would allow me to chat with members of staff, but there's no chat function

So now I'm trying the community, last resort as well as tagging Virgin on twitter as I'm non operational at the moment.... And don't have a way to speak to anyone.

@AndrUser, if you see this, would love it if you flag as you've done for the several others with orange light issues!

Thank you

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Constant orange light on Hub 3, no internet

I’m not sure why it should be flagged and jumped ahead of people who have posted before yours and are awaiting responses.

The call centres aren’t closed and you can speak to someone there. 

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