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Constant disconnection

Tuning in

So for the past 2 or more months I’ve lost track because it feels much longer my internet has been cutting in and out every 1-3 minuets my internet will just drop for like 30 seconds and then when it returns it’s like 6mbps. I’ve tried running the tests which varies from saying that there isn’t an issue but to check back on 24 hours to book a technician but I never can because it never changes off of 24 hours. A few weeks ago I had a technician come around to try to look at this issue and he completely changed my hub 3 and checked the connections of the wires and this has done nothing to help and after putting in 2 complainants that have just failed to post even after receiving a confirmation email. I think this issue is something to do with the telecoms cab outside but I can’t get any help to get a technician to find out and now I’ve been without usable internet connection for months. 


Hi MuteMedic,

Appreciate the problems you've been having with the service has been frustrating. This would be something the engineer can address on the visit. 

Please let us know how it goes.