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Constant Lag / Constant Disconnects

Had a lot of problems with our wifi in the house for the past few months. We were having constant ping drops and multiple disconnections a day and with people working from home made it extremely difficult to work with no wifi. An engineer came over and gave us a new hub he didnt know what was going on. the internet was slowly getting better and then we got boosted to 100 Mbps. But from my room across the house I am getting 10Mbps down and 3Mbps up which is awful. Im a gamer and its so furstrating when i am constantly on 100 - 1000+ ping with constant drop off. Restarting the router does nothing it takes 30 mins to reboot and its still on 100+ ping and making my games extremely laggy and unplayable. I thought it was to be a constant DDoS attack as i have been DDoSed in the past while playing games. but when i tried to change the IP of the router I found out that i couldnt do this. Nobody at virgin knows what is going on and it seems unfixable.

We were previously with BT with their most expensive package and didnt have any problem throughout the 4-5 years with them with outstanding speeds. We are highly tempted to switch back as Virgin have been no help what so ever to fix this issue. Everytime we call all they offer is a new router which hasnt worked.

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Re: Constant Lag / Constant Disconnects

Well, If you had this problem with the SH2ac, and they've swapped for a Hub 3 and the problem's still there, chances are that is isn't the router.  

Check the speed and ping from a wired connection to the router (even if only as a one off check by using an ethernet cable to connect a laptop).  If you're seeing painfully slow speeds on the wired connection then its a network connection or configuration problem on VM's network, and only they can fix that.  

If you're seeing good speeds on the wired connection, then we've probably eliminated the hub and VM's network as the problem, and the finger then points at your wifi environment, and that's down to you, and some detective work:

Things you can try:

1) Log in to the Hub 3, rename the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks with different names.

2) Connect all demanding devices (eg phones, laptops) to the 5 GHz network if they can see the 5 GHz network

3) Connect slow devices (printers, smart home devices) to the 2.4 GHz network

4) Consider reconnecting devices one at a time and checking the wifi speed between each one.  Sometimes a corrupted wifi driver on one device can mess up the connection for other devices.

5) Download a wifi analyzer programme for your phone, check to see if you've got a lot of other people's networks showing on the same band for 2.4 GHz.  If need be manually select a channel that looks to have limited conflicting signals.  Personally I wouldn't mess with the 5 GHz settings.

6) Make sure the router is sensibly placed.  if somebody's shoved it the other side of a metal filing cabinet, or a metal PC case, or behind a copper water tank then that will dramatically affect the signal strength.

7) If there's a dedicated wifi router available, you could trial using that and connecting to the hub.  If that works well, but the built in router doesn't, then you might want to put the hub in modem mode and stick with your own router.


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Re: Constant Lag / Constant Disconnects

Sorry to hear about this Saphirix,


I'd like to look into this for you.


To allow me to do so, could you respond via private message with the following information?:

  • Please can you confirm your name and if you are the account holder?
  • Home address



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