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Connecting to Microsoft


I was in the UK earlier this week, using the Virgin Media Wifi offered by the hotel that I was staying (Travelodge).

I was able to connect to the wifi without problem, I was able to surf the internet without problem, however....  I was unable to access my e-mails on Outlook and I was unable to access any websites.

My first instinct was my anti-virus software BitDefender but using the guide that they sent me, I switched it off in stages and the problem persisted.

I flushed the DNS etc a few time and still no luck.

I have checked with the Microsoft community and they suggested that I check on here.

Has anyone here heard of such an issue when connecting to Microsoft apps / sites from a Virgin Media wifi connection?


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Re: Connecting to Microsoft

These forums are, as far as I know, for consumers that have home Virgin Media broadband.

I recall there’s a separate helpline for issues with the Virgin branded WiFi in UK Travelodges.  Try that. Details here 

It’s a different business.

I know a bit about Wi-Fi, Telecoms, and TV as I used to do it for a living but I'm not perfect so don't beat me up... If you make things you make mistakes!
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