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Connecting Blink sync module issues

Up until the last week my Blink XT2 system has been operating fine connected via the sync module to my Hub 3 router. 

Last week my sync module disconnected and I can't get it back connected.

Blink have informed me that as the sync module only works on 2.4Ghz the dual band router could be the issue (it hasn't been before but lets go with that). I went into the router settings and turned off the 5Ghz broadcast band, making it 2.4 only.

I tried to set it up again but still the same issue can't connect to the Blink server.

A diagnostic test showed latency issues connecting to the Blink server, but my normal latency on via wifi is less than 10.

I can connect via mobile hotspot fine, so makes me think it is a hub issue / Virgin to Blink issue rather than Blink equipment.

Anyone else having this issue, anyone got any advice?



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