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Connected without Internet



Constantly keep getting interruptions with WiFi (connected without Internet).

Tried: restarting hub, moving hub (limited with cabling), upgrading phone, resetting hub to factory default, upgrading package, intelligent WiFi plug in booster.

Note- issues started in late October when we moved. The router is and has been in an empty room since we moved in. I cannot connect to my hub through the app as the password doesn't work (app can check black spots) - a lady reset manually over the phone to one she had generated and it still wouldn't work. She told me that an engineer would call back within 72 hours and never received any communication, other than to let me know my bill was available to view, of course.

Absolutely sick of this annoyance, especially when Virgin are supposed to be backed by O2 (who I am also with)! I get 1 bar of phone signal so when it cuts out to my 4G, even that doesn't work.

P. S. I have run a test today and it is only now just telling me that there are 12 devices with interference👍 could have told you that 6 months ago. 

Sorry for the rant, but if anyone has had any sort of similar experience can you please tell me what Virgin did to 'fix it'?

Hub 3 (installed Nov 2019, relocated October 2021)

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Re: Connected without Internet

Not fun. 

Go to

I know your password doesn't work so just select the link that says Check Network Status near the bottom. It takes you to a page with six tabs full of tables. Please copy and paste all of these here. 

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