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Connect app wont work, cant connect devices onto internet

Joining in


Hi, my parent has turned off two of my devices via the connect app (xbox + pc) they want to turn it back on but the app comes up with an error all the time (images), and when we go onto the ip adress thing (the number website) as we were told to it shows input password but as soon as we input it, the webpage just goes to a white screen. Need help asap resolving this issue .. I know its the app too as my phone, other console and everything else in the house works but we cant unpause the damn thing



Is this a Hub 4 ?  

If YES - preform a factory RESET.
Press the RESET button for 60 seconds , then leave the Hub powered on to recover and to reconnect.

The factory reset will clear the list of devices that are currently blocked and it will restore the Hub 4 menu to a working state and hopefully get the VM Connect app going again.