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Connect app: "we can't find your Hub"

Tuning in

Hi all,

Our broadband is working fine, I'm trying to use The Virgin Media Connect app to optimise placement of my Pods. But the app can't seem to 'find' my hub although it's connected to the network. I think the problem is that the Connect app setup is assuming the hub isn't live (it prompts me through a step by step set up guide) when it is. Does someone now how to force the app to see the network it's already connected to?


Hi All

Exactly the same for me, tried it in response to this msg and the app is now working.

Seems to have more features and info so lets hope it keeps going.

Cheers Keith


My Android Virgin Connect app can no longer find my Hub 3, though used to be able to. WiFi works okay on my phone, though not amazingly fast (nowhere near the 250Mbs broadband), even on a 5Ghz channel sitting next to the hub

Oops, forget that, I was connected to my work VPN at the time, the app *can* find the hub when I disconnect from the VPN...