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Conflicted setting hub5

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I recently had my Hub 3 replaced with a Hub 5.  The technician who replaced it changed the hub 5’s SSID number and password to the one I had with the Hub 3 which saved filling in passwords again.  Everything has been working fine.   Out of curiosity I connected the Virgin Connect App and it tells me that there are conflicted settings on the hub. ‘Your network settings are clashing with each other. First choose the settings you want, then continue’ When I press continue, I get this.  ‘looks like your settings changed when your device was offline or its radio were switched off.  Which settings would you like to use’. Then I get a choice with a circle to tick besides each.  They both have the same SSID number (which is the old Hub 3’s to which the technician changed the Hub 5) The first one hides the password with a line of asterisks and the second one gives the first two and the last two digits of the password  (the password of the old Hub 3 to which the technician changed the Hub 5).    Why is there this choice and which one should I chose?  I am loathe to do anything since things are working well and I don’t want to cause unin


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @orzel thanks for your post although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

It's unclear based on your description here, as if you have an old Hub saved to the app and a new one with the exact same details, it's going to cause problems such as this in terms of identifying the correct Hub if a programme/app has saved the details - the App may be being confused with what's happening, believing that the new Hub 5 is in fact the old Hub 3.

Is there anything in particular you're looking to optimise by using the Connect App? Usually, this is better for troubleshooting so if everything is working great at the moment, we'd advise you leave everything as it is 😊

If you do need anything further though, please don't hesitate to let us know!
Many thanks



You're welcome!

Many thanks