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Complete lack of customer care and upset caused - Loss off service for over a month! Someone please help.

Tuning in


Sorry for posting but have tried all the usual outlets and getting nowhere.   To cut a long story short, I have had major issues with my Broadband/Phone for over a month now. Multiple calls to 0345 (as 150 is not an option due to phone being off), multiple tweets to VM, multiple technician visits and multiple complaints logged.  

The issues started on 26th July where the hub started dropping out constantly. Red light flashing etc.   Logged a call in the normal way and a technician arrived after a few days.  Swapped the hub and the cables inside. Went away. After 10 minutes of him leaving, yet again the redlight drop out. This carried on until I could book another technician, again after a couple more days, who replaced the cables outside and swapped the hub again. He went away, and again, shortly after the hub dropped out.  

Spoke to the technician who advised there was nothing more he could do and it needed a full cable repull. This was booked but took 14 days for them to arrive. For 14 more days, without broadband, red light etc. 

The 3rd party guy did a full new cable repull and went away.  Yet again, a short time later the hub dropped out and flashed red. 

This has now been the case for over 3 weeks and nobody has got back to me or tried to rectify the situation. I have logged complaints, been passed through various departments on the phone, gone over the same thing again and again.  I have been promised call backs from managers at certain times, and the phone calls have never materialised. NOBODY is trying to help. 

However, yet again another £54.00 has been taken from my account for no service, and as a result, we are chewing through GB's of mobile data a day due to it being the school holidays and also all work from home all day every day. We are also having to take days Annual Leave just because we are unable to work. 

The status page shows "a fault in my area" and have signed up for text updates.  I get 4/5 of these a day, each saying the same thing but with the resolution time pushed on a few more hours.  This has been the case for 3 weeks now and nobody on the Faults team, or Customer Service can provide me with an update. 

Some people have said email the CEO (Lutz Schuler) which I might do, but you can see that at this stage I have no choice but to cancel or put up with it. Having been a customer for many years and not previously had any issues with service, I don't really want to jump ship. But what other choice do I have now?

I'm hoping someone sees this and reaches out. Current state of play this am is the box flashing red, wife upset as she can't work, kids upset as they can't get on anything, and me upset due to all of the above. 

Can anyone help or offer advice please. 

Thanks for reading!


Alessandro Volta

If there is a known fault in your area, and you are receiving updates about that, there is not too much you can do immediately until that fault is resolved. VM will often cancel any tech visits which are booked when a known fault is present.

Once the area fault is cleared you will then have to see if you still have problems on your individual connection.

Have you set up a BQM to keep track of your connection and the disconnections?

If you have a 'total loss of service' on broadband and/or phone you will be eligible for compensation

If you are receiving an intermittent service you will have to complain to VM and request compensation (and most likely escalate to arbitration).

Keep detailed records as you go along of all the issues (dates, times, outages, part service, text messages, comm's with VM etc.) as this will be useful evidence for any claim.

I have been on the phone all day today with another member of staff who has now told me the fault in my area has been fixed??. I also received a text and email saying the same. I have also had ANOTHER technician to the house this afternoon who has reset the levels on the router and said it should be fine and guess what ....

RED LIGHT FLASHING AGAIN!  It's laughable at this stage now.  Absolutely nobody knows what the issue is??


Thanks for coming back to us djrober, I can see that you're in a private message conversation with one of my colleagues, who will be able to help you further with the ongoing issues.

Kind Regards,