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CityFibre cut my fibre cable

Tuning in

How long should a repair of the outside cable take?

CityFibre cut threw it on the 24th November I was told engineer would come out on the 28th Nov but he was an indoor engineer and told me someone would be out that day or early the next but no-one showed.

So I called was told the 13th December.... Then I was receiving texts giving different dates 8 different dates in total! But no-one was booked for the jobs.

My elderly mum 78, is on the vulnerable list as she relies on Alexa if she falls, which she did just a couple of weeks ago.

Without Alexa she's very vulnerable I can't go out she has a wheelchair, Zimmer and walking stick and can barely walk but she's terrified of falling backwards down the stairs again because she can't call for help which Alexa was great for.

We've now been told the cable won't be repaired till 4th January yet the pavement has been left open for the cable to be laid easily in my garden probably 12ft of cable no digging at all.

Should it really take this long? That'll be well over a month and my mum is very vulnerable.

I hope I've posted on the correct board, I'm new.


Hi John 

It's over 2 weeks since your construction team completed their work but no one has turned up yet for extending the fibre to my house. I have stopped getting any updates on progress as well. Could this be looked in to urgently pls?

Hi @gm_anandh 

Thanks for coming back to me. I am sorry you've not had an update.

I'll send you a PM now to assist further.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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