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Checking on broad band

Can anyone help 

Below are the readings from my virgin meida hub

Down Stream

3.0 downstream channels 

ChannelFrequency (Hz)Power (dBmV)SNR (dB)ModulationChannel ID ChannelLock StatusRxMER (dB)Pre RS ErrorsPost RS Errors
51710000003.437.4QAM2565 5Locked37.355992690
11390000003.437.4QAM2561 1Locked37.355991690
21470000003.337.4QAM2562 2Locked37.355992720
31550000003.437.6QAM2563 3Locked37.636282630
41630000003.437.4QAM2564 4Locked37.355992820
61790000003.737.4QAM2566 6Locked37.355991720
71870000003.937.4QAM2567 7Locked37.355991580
8195000000437.4QAM2568 8Locked37.355991350
92030000003.937.4QAM2569 9Locked37.355991620
102110000003.637.6QAM25610 10Locked37.636282170
112190000003.537.4QAM25611 11Locked37.355992210
122270000003.337.4QAM25612 12Locked37.355993150
132350000003.137.6QAM25613 13Locked37.636283360
14243000000337.4QAM25614 14Locked37.355993480
15251000000337.4QAM25615 15Locked37.355993670
162590000003.837.4QAM25616 16Locked37.355992680
172670000004.437.6QAM25617 17Locked37.636282140
182750000005.137.6QAM25618 18Locked37.636281690
192830000005.137.4QAM25619 19Locked37.355991780
202910000004.937.6QAM25620 20Locked37.636281980
21299000000537.6QAM25621 21Locked37.636281640
223070000005.838.6QAM25622 22Locked38.60538940
233150000006.438.6QAM25623 23Locked38.60538640
243230000006.839QAM25624 24Locked38.98326490
253310000006.638.6QAM25625 25Locked38.60538470
263390000006.538.6QAM25626 26Locked38.60538520
273470000006.539QAM25627 27Locked38.98326540
283550000006.338.6QAM25628 28Locked38.60538430
29363000000638.6QAM25629 29Locked38.60538660
303710000005.938.6QAM25630 30Locked38.60538880
313790000005.538.6QAM25631 31Locked38.605381050


3.01 downstream channels

ChannelChannel Width (MHz)FFT TypeNumber of Active SubcarriersModulation (Active Profile)First Active Subcarrier (Hz) Channel IDLock StatusRxMER Data (dB)PLC Power (dBmV)Correcteds (Active Profile)Uncorrectables (Active Profile)
159964K1880QAM4096759 159Locked428.62088018316837



3.0 Upstream channels

ChannelFrequency (Hz)Power (dBmV)Symbol Rate (ksps)ModulationChannel ID ChannelChannel TypeT1 TimeoutsT2 TimeoutsT3 TimeoutsT4 Timeouts
136600000355120 KSym/sec64QAM3 1US_TYPE_STDMA0020
22360000035.55120 KSym/sec64QAM5 2US_TYPE_STDMA0000
330100000355120 KSym/sec64QAM4 3US_TYPE_STDMA0000
44310000035.55120 KSym/sec64QAM2 4US_TYPE_STDMA0000
54960000035.55120 KSym/sec64QAM1 5US_TYPE_STDMA0000


3.1 upstream channels

ChannelChannel Width (MHz)Power (dBmV)FFT TypeModulation ChannelChannel TypeNumber of Active SubcarriersFirst Active Subcarrier (Hz)T3 TimeoutsT4 Timeouts
610342KQAM8 6OFDMA20053.900


Nothing in the network logs

Max download  at this is 787 Mbps  and upload is always 50-52Mbps ( I was hoping to get a lot closer to 900-1000Mbps)

Latency is 17-19ms 

What I am concerned about is internet drop outs which are regular enough and  long enough to disconnect games and programs and VPN connections . 

This is nothing to do with WiFI as devices exhibiting this are all hard wired cat 5.

Any help appreciated 


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Checking on broad band

Hi thebigstc,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to see you are facing issues with your connection, I was able to locate you on our system with the details we have for you and cannot see any issues our end, it looks like you have a 3rd party router which means we can only check so much, please put our Router back in Router mode and remove yours so we can run further checks.



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Re: Checking on broad band

Will do and will let you know once I have done this 

Interestingly since yesterdays checks that Internet hasn't dropped once 


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