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Charged after contract ended

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Hi I was charged £63 after my contract ended. I had a 12 month student contract paying £37 a month. I cancelled my contract on 29th of June(renews 5th of july) and thought I was all good to go as I was moving out of the rented student house. I then later realise I have been charged £63 for the month of july. After countless tries to get to customer support, the customer support informed me that contract takes 30 days to cancel so I was still charged for july. This just seems like a big elaborate scam for me as I had no way to know that and no one in virgin media informed me, even while I was cancelling.

So yh really just wanted to know if there was a way for me to get this money refunded as they can clearly see that all my equipment was disconnected on the 29th. I love how I had bad internet all year around despite 500mbps in a 2 bedroom house + multiple days of disconnectivity and now +this


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @AjxSolo

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear this has happened, with regards to cancelling your account we do request a 30 day notice so if you rang to cancel on the 29th June it would still charge you for the following 30 days, if you look on the last bill you had it should provide you the information as to what date you have paid up till and confirm this.