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Certain sites not working

Tuning in

Hi all, hoping someone can help. I am having issues with certain sites not connecting. For example I cannot load also I cannot login to my Microsoft account, from my devices or from the Xbox. I have spoken to Virgin support but with no joy with them saying that it was my devices at fault, even though when I connect with mobile data they all work fine.

I have tried factory resetting the router and the devices. I have taken off upnp and tried with and without. I have tried to connect to the sites with just the IP, I have altered the IP range on the router to get new ips but nothing seems to fix it. 

Has anyone else had this issue and if so did you manage to get it fixed.

Also everything else seems to be fine, speed is good and can connect to most things ok.


Alessandro Volta

see if changing DNS on PC lets you get to the site.

ipconfig /flushdns


Sorry I am just using mobile devices and the Xbox.

Login to the Virgin Media account and in the Web Safe section set Child Safe to Disabled.

Failing this manually set a public DNS on the XBOX. 

Alessandro Volta

Thanks for this changed the DNS on the Xbox and it has logged it. However is does seem quite slow to connect, is this typical using a public DNS.

Also done the same on android and it looks good but again seems slow to resolve.

Alessandro Volta

Run this test and post your results





But it took about 4-5 mins to even start the test after I clicked start.

  • Same on the Xbox, when I try and login it takes minutes to connect and doesn't work every time.



Alessandro Volta
I think your connection is fine but your devices are the problem...

maybe try running this
and check response time