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Cant access my personal website/email when connected to virgin wifi

Ive seen a few similar questions like this on the board and have tried a few of the suggested methods to fix it... but nothing has worked still.

ive not been able to access my personal website or email for a few weeks now.

At first assumed it was something to do with the site so contacted the developer, he checked everything couldn't find an issue, rebooted anything anyway, but still didn't work (he could access it himself though)

Then I tried apple, as I have an iPhone, iPad and iMac, and thought maybe it was their issue, or an issue with my Apple ID. All been confirmed to be ok. After rebooting my iPad, I was able to access the site only, but only when on 4G. Still couldn't get emails...

Ive now been on to virgin support, who cant see any reason why the site would be blocked. Nothing on my websafe to be blocked etc. They have passed the info on to a team who can take up to 30 days to respond.

I was hoping someone on here may have a solution faster than this, as this is my works website that clients contact me through, and currently cant so its costing me money!

the website is

(ive also tried accessing the emails via the webmail login but this page won't load either. When I search for me on google, it comes up in search results, but clicking any link to any page just times out

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Cant access my personal website/email when connected to virgin wifi

Ask your web host to unlock your WAN IP

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