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Cannot see speeds on samknows

Hi all,

So I upgraded to 1gig towards the end of last year and all the speedtests I've run since then have come back no faster than 450mb (ookla and others).  This was fast enough for me but decided to get it checked out today once and for all, as I suspected the connection into the house might need looking at (had same for years now).

I run my hub in modem mode and was told by 2nd line support that my hub looked ok (not sure they checked) and I needed to run the samknows/realspeed test which would show the actual speed, as ookla etc cannot do it.  

I set the hub into router mode and connected a laptop directly to it.  Browsed to samknows site and it found the hub but here is my problem;  whatever browser I use it never shows the speeds, just 3 dots on each side (speed to hub, speed to device).  I rebooted the router, rebooted the laptop, enabled wifi on the hub, connected my phone and ran the test from that - same thing, it doesn't show the speeds.

I have reverted everything back to normal for now, has anyone seen this issue and/or know how to get my speeds to show.  Also, is it normal for ookla etc to only show half the actual speed we are getting, I could expect some disparity but not that much?  Until I can get the samknows speed I will not be able to get VM to correct any issue I might have with subpar broadband service.


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