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Cannot connect apps to hub5 2023

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I have just received my hub 5

any device that connects direct to virgin work fine so my Wi-Fi is working. The problem I have is I have 2 apps for light switches and plugs. All devices on these apps are showing off line and I cannot reconnect them. I have tried using the old router name and password, turning power off for a moment, resetting the device to default and putting it back in searchable mode. Can anyone help? The apps are eWeLink and GoSound. 



Following the makers instruction manuals, the devices controlled by the apps will all need to be connected to the new SSID / Password of the Hub 5.

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That is what I am trying to do but it will not link, hence my question 

The Hub 5 uses the latest wi-fi AX standard and, AFAIK, it is always on. There are regular reports on here of IOT devices and devices with basic wireless (such as printers) having problems connecting to the Hub 5

You should try starting over with the setup of your IOT devices and repeating the setup from scratch.

When doing that, try turning off the 'Smart Wifi' setting (channel optimisation) and temporarily turn off the 5GHz wifi on the hub and then try the setup for your devices. See if they will connect.