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Cannot Reserver IP Addresses Hub 3.0

Hi, I am new to Virgin Media but not new to IT. 

In the past I have configured may routers without any issues. However the Virgin HUB 3.0 seems to be "Old Fashion"  When I log into my Router it's clear text which although this is in my house I thing it should be like all other passwords. Anyway that isn't why I posted here.

I have a number of Security Camera's round the house and would like to make sure they keep the same IP Address all the time. A couple in the house are not on all the time and their IP Addresses have changed a couple of times. I know I can make them Static at the camera end but I did this before but when I switched to Virgin and thinking I can change the subnet from the virgin one 192.168.0 to match all my current devices to 192.168.10 ( I hate being forced to use default settings, another bad thing for security) when I couldn't I had one hell of a job having to go to each device and either factory reset it where I couldn't connect with my Laptop and RJ45. So I don't want to go there again so want all my devices to be set to DHCP and the IP Address static by reserving it on the router. The problem is (this is my second router as I had other issues with the first and this issue existed on both) when I log into the Router, sometimes I can see the Connected wired devices and Connected Wifi devices but more often than not it says nothing connected and that's on the Overview page and the DHCP page. On a couple of occasions I have managed to reserve a couple of devices but the next time it says none so I don't really know if they are recovered or not. This doesn't seem very stable, it's as if the Router technology is a few year old. 


The questions I have  are

  • Am I doing something wrong ( I'm only logging on) so that I can't see my connected devices which should always connected and I have plenty
  • If is possible for me to change my subnet from 192.168.0 to another one as this would improve security as I can now guess IP addresses of everyone who has Virgin mobile.





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Re: Cannot Reserver IP Addresses Hub 3.0

Current firmware cannot use any other subnet other than 192.168.0.x. I believe the latest update being shipped out (xxx.608) does allow this, but no one at VM has access to the ship out schedule.

Reserved DHCP addresses MUST be entered in ascending order or they will fail. Same goes if you want to insert one in the middle of the range, delete all and reinsert again.

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