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Can't work upstairs, hub is downstairs

I've been working from home since March, I set up an office in a bedroom but Skype calls often drop or I get a "Bad network" message and can't hear people, can't be heard.  It also takes an age to open an excel file, so I have to take my laptop downstairs.  I can work in the dining room in the room next to the hub but not upstairs directly above the hub.  I live in a standard size semi and the walls are normal construction, it's not too much to ask to be able to work upstairs a few feet away from the hub and try and keep work/home separate, it's not been a problem before

I completed an online complaint form last Friday 16th October AM, no acknowledgement, I sent a text "and we'll text you back" but no text

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Can't work upstairs, hub is downstairs

WiFi speeds and connectivity aren’t guaranteed.

Run a cable to where you need it or get a better router or mesh system to improve the WiFi coverage.

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