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Can't return wifi router

Tuning in

Hi there, I've been trying and failing to return my wifi router for the past month before my service disconnected. I've called the customer service hotline multiple times, booked returns packaging to be sent to my house and my partner's house, yet no viable solution has been provided. Right now I've already left the UK, my router is with my partner, and we've tried many times to get returns packaging shipped to his apartment but nothing has arrived. Today I get an email saying that if the router is not with virgin media in 9 days, my account will be charged £40, but there's still no returns packaging available. What can I do, please? I've literally tried everything but no one seems to have any solutions for me. I can't even log into my account now from an overseas IP address and cannot access live chat. 


Hi Carl, thanks for those links. Can I just put my virgin media account number under the field 'Customer Reference Number'?

I'm not sure to be honest.

Hi movedoverseas, thanks for the message. The customer reference number would be the site ID followed by the account number. - Chris. 

Tuning in

Hi Chris, thanks for the response. I sent off the package over the weekend and included all my details (name, address, account number, site ID) on a sheet of paper enclosed within the box. Left it with a Yodel store and it's currently being 'Processed at National Hub', according to the tracking details. I hope that's sufficient.