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Can't cope with with constant drop outs and not getting what i pay for

Someone who works at VM please help me, i'm losing my s***with this awful service

  • Key worker working from home
  • was on 200mb
  • cancelled all services when out of contract because i couldn't cope with constant drop outs
  • was retained and put on 350mb
  • retaining agent advised me to use the app to check for black spots
  • got the free booster weeks ago, was working OK but never perfectly for long
  • had a couple of actual service outages over the last couple of weeks as reported on the virgin website
  • service is suppose to be working fine nowadays - certainly not for me though
  • today my wifi dropped out more than 15 times throughout the workday
  • the booster regularly loses all internet to it
  • sometimes i can connect to the booster wifi but not the super hub 3 wifi
  • sometimes other way round
  • sometimes no wifi at all from the SH3 or booster but pc connected by Ethernet still gets internet
  • i'm doing regular speed checks on different devices and only time in last few weeks i had full speed was thurs oct 15th at 3pm:


  • tonight at 11pm, 200mb wired, 56mb on my samsung s10 sat 2 meters away from SH3 on 5g


  • I live in a close full of old people with a green box right at the bottom of our road
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