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Can i choose what connects to my virgin wifi pod?

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When my Ring webcam connects directly to my hub the WiFi signal is strong. But when it connects to my Wifi pod the signal is week and I can use the webcam. Is there any way I can choose what connects to my virgin wifi pod?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi kayathome,

Thanks for your post. Sorry to hear you're having issues with your WiFi connection on your Ring webcam.

Does your Ring webcam keep switching between your Hub and WiFi Pods? Your device should just automatically connect to whatever has the strongest stable signal. You can't manually choose whether your device connects to the Pod or Hub I'm afraid. Are you viewing which it is connected to via the Connect App?

Just to clarify, when the signal is weak, are you unable to use the webcam?



My Ring webcam always connects to the pod, unless I disconnect the pod. When it connects to the pod, the signal is very week and often lost, so my webcam often goes off. Yes, I am using the Connect app.

Hi @kayathome, thank you for your response. 

Have you tried going through the process of disconnecting the WiFi Pod and setting it up again? Advice on how to do so can be found here.


Several times

Hi @kayathome,

Is the problem very specific to the Ring webcam? 

If so, we'd suggest contacting the Gadget Rescue team for further advice. Information on how to do so can be found here

If still no further forward thereafter, please pop back to us.