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Can a defective hub3 in modem mode damage a connected WiFi router?

Tuning in

I have recently switched from one hub3 to a new one (contract owner moved out). I use the hub 3 in modem mode with an Asus WiFi router. On the same day as I swapped the hub 3, my Asus router died (fully dead). I received a warranty replacement of the Asus router today and set it up, and immediately the 5g WiFi was broken.

I am now wondering whether the new hub3 can damage connected WiFi routers. Is this even possible?



marcotiemann posted this Saturday its now Friday, I just wanted to know where you have asked him to contact you how does he do that? Would he need to wait a week for a reply, or are you relying on other people not virgin to resolve his issue?

Unless there is an email address or phone I am unaware of.


Hi Rbrock002,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, in regards to marcotiemann query this was resolved by us changing his Router, if you do need further support please expand a little on your query.