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Can I repurpose an unused Virgin coax cable for internet access?

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Hi, wondering if anyone had any thoughts/ideas about this...

When I moved in to my house I had 2 TiVO boxes installed - one upstairs and one downstairs. However, we weren't using the upstairs one enough so I got rid of the box a few years ago. Downstairs we have the modem and the remaining TiVo box. 

I was wondering if there's a way to repurpose the upstairs coaxial cable to be an wired internet connection? We now have a PS5 that lives up there and the WiFi connection is a bit patchy. I've seen you can buy MoCA adapters but Ive no idea if that would work. Or is the only option to take the modem upstairs and plug it in up there?  



MoCA adapters look to be intended to make use of CATV coax exactly as you suggest.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

MoCA converters are used extensively in the US, but rarely in the UK. Very little support here and costly. A lot cheaper to just run an Ethernet cable.

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