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Can I change where the wiring for my router comes in?


Been with Virgin for the better part of a year now and have had little to no problems with my internet. The issue Im trying to solve though is that the wiring for my broadband, the cable that comes in from the wall to plug in to the router, is located in our living room. 

Is it possible to have this wiring moved to another room or have a second set put in? And if so, is this something that Virgin can do?

Im trying to set up a home office and the room where I would like to work from is too far away for the wifi to reach and keep even a moderate connection. I have tried using a wifi extender and it only just barely improves it. Not well enough for me to work on. Ideally I'd like to be connected via an ethernet cable but the distance is too far and crosses over a hallway where I would need to have the cable running over doorways and such to make it work. 

I live in a flat where Virgin Broadband was already installed before I moved in.

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Re: Can I change where the wiring for my router comes in?

Yes, usually you get wiring redone for a £99 call out charge.

However non-essential work was put on hold due to Covid and has only recently restarted - so there is a backlog of installation work that Virgin Media need to work through now they can.

So you may be able to arrange it but the appointment may not be for a while - and won't be possible if you end up self isolating or are shielding.
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Re: Can I change where the wiring for my router comes in?

They'll certainly do that for you for a £99 flat rate "non-fault" call out.  Which is actually a reasonable and risk-free rate if this involves any drilling and new cabling.  It is not a good idea to do it yourself if the cable needs to be longer or needs shortening, as cable networks require much better shielding than apparently similar coaxial cables, and this can cause all manner of strange internet problems for you and your neighbours.

But before you spend £99, have you considered spending the same sort of money on (for example) this?  You plug the master unit into the hub (and usually put the hub in modem mode), and have the other unit in or near your home office.  There's a couple of ethernet ports on the secondary unit, and you can plug kit into them directly if they can't connect wirelessly.  There's lots of other mesh wifi systems you can choose, but I've actually got the TP-Link Deco M4 that the link is to, and for my needs it works brilliantly. 

And whereas the £99 for VM to move the hub is money wasted if you change ISP, you can use the mesh system with any other ISP, as well as getting all round better wireless than the Hub 3 will ever achieve.  I'm typing this on Chromebook that's connected wirelessly to my Deco, and it's measuring at 180 Mbps even though my wife is on a video conference call and my daughter's streaming a movie at the same time.

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