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Cable Modem Reboot due to RG crash - Virtually every day

Tuning in

Ever since I upgraded to 1GB Im always getting this error message on the network logs.  Each time this happens I lose internet connectivity from between 5 minutes to 1.5 hours (as was the case yesterday which has prompted me to now raise AGAIN).  I say again as when this happened not long after I took out the contract you sent an engineer out to replace the hub, this seemed to work for the first week but its never been stable like when I had the 500MB).

I notice that there a lot of other uses facing the issue so its about time you did some route cause analysis and find out what the problem is as people who ask me if Virgin media is good unfortunately Ive ben honest and said no so you are losing potential customers (and current ones soon) as nobly wants a flakey internet connection.

Please can you dedicate someone to look at this wide problem that you have.  




To help shine a light on the HUB 5 RG Crash problem it would help to have a more technical feedback.

Focus on what you were doing when the RG Crash occurred.

Is the Hub 5 in Router or Modem mode ?

What Computer / Model of game console / Sonos / SkyTV etc was being used ?

What Business Application / Game / Streaming Service / etc was being used ?

Is it possible given a series of steps to trigger the RG Crash on demand ?


I have it in standard router mode.  I use Sonos and Sky Q, hue lights, 3 virgin pods, ring, blink.  I don't game, I use Netflix but it's never rebooted when watching this.  When it occurred yesterday I was just watching the football and it went, Sonos cut in and out and went up and down for about an hour and a half.  Like I say, when I was on 500mb on the older router it was not a problem.

Thanks for your help

Tuning in

I also notice that others who are using Sonos.  Ive just plugged one ethernet cable into one of the ports to make a sonosnet.  Will monitor.

Tuning in

The same happening here, and Virgin is completely clueless. 😞 I have a thread on the same subject.

Hi @LASPPT thanks for your post here although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

We can see the alternative thread and have replied to you directly there, if you can message back on that thread we can investigate this further for you.

Many thanks


Hi,  Do you use Sonos ?

I was using Sonos on wifi, I have now changed it so it uses Sonosnet (by plugging one of the devices into ethernet) and since I did this on Monday I have not had a RG crash.

I hope this is the reason and just not a coincidence.

I'll try it Nick, though it crashes very often, even if I'm not using Sonos. Thank you 🙂 

To be honest I wasn’t using it all the time but I guess Sonos keeps an alive signal.  It’s worked for me thankfully, still not had an RG crash.  I do have a relatively big sonos setup and before I setup the Sonosnet a speaker would drop out here and there, but, I’ve not even lost a device since.  Hope it soles your RG crash.

Did it work for you ?  I still have not had an RG crash since I made sonosnet.   Here’s hoping !